Iwata Airbrushes

Iwata Airbrushes are loved by makers and creators all over the world. Shop the range here at eModels where we hold stock in our UK warehouse and can ship next day if required.

As a premium manufacturer each Iwata airbrush is designed with a specific spray-performance and spray-scale in mind – these are a must for all modelling enthusiasts.

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Iwata AirbrushesIwata Airbrushes

Iwata airbrushes are high-quality airbrushes made by Iwata-Medea, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade airbrushes. The company was founded by Mr. Iwata in Japan in the late 1920s and has since grown to become a globally recognized brand.

Iwata airbrushes are known for their precision and versatility, making them a popular choice among artists, illustrators, and hobbyists. They are commonly used for fine art, illustration, automotive painting, and other applications that require a high level of precision.

Some of the most popular Iwata airbrush models include:

Iwata airbrushes are high-quality made from stainless steel and feature precision-machined components that ensure smooth and consistent performance.

Another important aspect of Iwata airbrushes is their ease of use. Most Iwata models feature adjustable controls for airflow, paint flow, and needle depth, allowing users to achieve precise and consistent results with ease.

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