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OLFA cutting tools are premium Japanese cutting instruments. For over 50 years OLFA have been making products to the highest standard.

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OLFA Cutting tools are the highest quality hand tools designed and manufactured in Japan.

Through innovation and continual development OLFA brand has continued to create professional quality cutters and scrapers since it's invention of the snap-off blade in 1956.

OLFA Cutting Blades

The superior quality of OLFA blades is the result of a multi-step production process.

Only the finest quality tool steel is selected for use.

For all OLFA blades, the hardness, sharpening angles, tapered dimensions, the coarseness of whetstone, the speed of grinding, etc. are all adjusted for every blade type, and this ensures the blade has the best balance of high sharpness and longest blade life according to usage.

OLFA Yellow

The body colour of OLFA products was determined in 1967 by OLFA's founder Yoshio Okada.

He decided on a soft yellow colour (similar to egg yolk) and blended it into a soft pastel colour.

Realizing a knife should be easily recognized in a toolbox and be associated with safe and familiar images, Yoshio Okada set a new standard in tool development.

OLFA is the originator of the snap-off blade and innovator of safety yellow colour for hand tools.

OLFA Lifetime GuaranteeOLFA Lifetime Guarantee

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