Humbrol Acrylic Dropper Bottle

Humbrol Acrylic Dropper Bottle Range

New Humbrol Dropper bottles that are simple to use.

Simply shake to combine, drip a few drops onto a palette to use.

Add numerous colours to a palette to make it easy to blend.

Ideal for Scale Modelling.

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These New Humbrol Acrylic Dropper bottles are the next evolution of the Humbrol Modelling Paint Range.

The Handy Dropper features makes mixing and Blending colours much easier than before, allowing for a wider range of shades and tones.

The Humbrol Range of Dropper Bottle paints is colour matched to not only their Spray Can Range, and their Acrylic Paint Range, but also their Enamel Paint Range

The paints are water based which allows easy and quick clean up, as well as reduced drying times, compared to enamel paints.

The paints are available as Gloss, Matt Satin, Metallic and Clear finishes.

Paints can be applied directly with a brush or through an airbrush with a 2:1 thinning ratio.

The average drying time is 1-2 hours for the Humbrol Dropper bottle Range.

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