Humbrol Acrylic Paints

The new water-based Acrylics from Humbrol are one of the most recent addition to the company's paint line.
The colours in this range have the same high colour matching standards that you'd expect from a Humbrol product.

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Humbrol Acrylic Paints are designed for using on Scale Model Kits, but also can be used for many other tasks around the house.

The Humbrol Range of Acrylic paints are colour matched to not only their Spray Can Range, and their Enamel Paint Range but also their New Dropper Bottle Range.

The Water based paint is fast drying and non-toxic, as well as much easier to clean up than enamel paints.

Great for mixing custom colours to create a wider range of shades for your modelling project.

These Acrylic paints can be applied straight from the pot or by Airbrushing using the Humbrol Acrylic thinner.

Typically they take 1-2 hours to fully cure which again gives an advantage over the slower drying enamel paints.

What are Humbrol Acrylic Paints?

Humbrol Acrylic Paints are a range of water-based model paints that were introduced by Humbrol Ltd as an alternative to their traditional solvent-based enamel paints. These paints are suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, and ceramic.

Humbrol Acrylic Paints are known for their fast-drying and easy-to-use properties. They have a low odor and are non-toxic, making them safer to use than traditional enamel paints. Additionally, they can be easily thinned and cleaned up with water, making them more environmentally friendly.

The Humbrol Acrylic Paint range includes a variety of colors, finishes, and effects, such as metallic, fluorescent, and pearl. They can be applied using a brush, airbrush, or sponge, and can be used for a variety of applications, including model making, dioramas, and miniature figure painting.

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