MiniArt is a Ukrainian manufacture, established in 2001.

They primarily manufacture Military Model kits in 1/35 scale.

Known for top-quality and beautiful engineering, in all their Scale Model Kits MiniArt is one of our top brands!

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Tanks, Automobiles, Trucks, AFVs, and Figures are all included in MiniArt's extensive catalogue, which have be gorgeously sculpted and meticulously detailed.

Their goal is to supply modellers with accurate, well-engineered, and well-presented kits that will intrigue, thrill, and interest them in the subject.

Our unique selection opens up new opportunities.

MiniArt takes great pride in the kits they offer.

You won't find any reheated remakes or off-the-shelf models here.

They go to great lengths to choose subject matter that has either never been done in a plastic kit before, or has never been done to their high quality and accuracy standards.

MiniArt's carefully chosen options provide new ways for serious modellers to expand their imagination.

Exceedingly high quality

No shortcuts are taken while designing our vehicles whether they be tanks, armoured vehicles, or artillery.

There is no detail that is too minor to be given special care.

Photo etched parts are utilised freely to draw attention to details that would otherwise go unnoticed in other kits.

Ammo crates, artillery rounds, oil barrels, and even little pails are ideal accessories.

Where else will you find colour instructions to guide you through the finishing touches?

Only the figures from life are more believable.

While variety is important for your enjoyment, quality is also an important component of every MiniArt kit.

We've taken figure-making to a whole new level.

Sketches are used to create a framework for poses and placements.

Our figures are then sculpted by an artisan skilled at capturing each facial crease and delicate detail as part of the moulding process.

These figures are so lifelike that you can practically sense their feelings.

You can even tell nations by the crop of their hair, the jut of their jaw, and their facial expressions at times.

Marching, resting, working, and combat positions are all natural, and anatomically correct.

Only reality’s figures are more believable.

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