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Special Hobby Plastic Model kits offer a range of Aircraft that are the envy of the model kit world. The level of detail and quality of the 1/72 Scale kits are a must for your model collection.

If you need tools, glues, paints or any accessories then we have all you need here at eModels.
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Since its humble beginnings in 1989, Special Hobby s.r.o. (L.T.D) has been a chameleon in the world of plastic models, adapting and evolving to the ever-changing whims of the market and the insatiable demands of modellers. In a bold move to avoid any potential mix-ups with other companies sporting similar names, the company underwent a rebranding in 2016, proudly embracing the 'Special Hobby' moniker as the epitome of their product range.

Today, Special Hobby's shelves are brimming with injected model kits across three distinct product lines: Special Hobby (aircraft), Special Armour (military vehicles), and Special Navy (ships and submarines). Their sister brand, CMK, delves into the realm of resin accessories, models, and figures, not only complementing Special Hobby kits but also catering to other brands.

With a dedicated team of around 40 full-time employees, Special Hobby tirelessly strives to fulfill the wishes of modellers worldwide. Their globetrotting adventures see them gracing the Toy Fair in Nuremberg, IPMS expositions in the USA, and various shows across Europe.
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