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We stock a massive range of plastic model kits in all types of scale models,
Shop Aircraft, Cars, Boats, Military and Motorbikes all here at eModels.
Next day delivery is available on all products.
If you need Model Paints, glues or any Tools we've got you covered.

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eModels is the home of plastic model kits!

We stock the largest selection of plastic model kits in the UK, looking for a Tank, Plane or a Car?  We have them in stock for you!

Plastic model kits are a gateway to a world of miniature marvels. Carefully assemble pretty much any veichsle you can imaine, following detailed instructions and transforming tiny parts into impressive replicas. This rewarding hobby isn't just about the finished product – it fosters patience, precision, and a connection to history, technology, and your own creativity. With endless possibilities for every age and interest, plastic model kits offer a chance to unwind, learn, and unleash your inner craftsman. Dive in and discover the world of plastic scale model kits today!

Within our wide range of plastic model kits you'll find some that simply "snap-together” to far more intricate models containing 1000‘s of pieces each of which must be meticulously glued in place. Whatever your level we're sure we've got the perfect model kit in stock for you. 


If you wanted to add a bit of power to things then you can explore our range of R C Cars.


And if you need the tools, glues, paints or paint brushes? We can help with those too and pretty much everything else with out wide selection of accessories


What is a plastic model kit?

A plastic model kit is a scale model built by a hobbyist. Many scale-model enthusiasts make the scale model look like the real thing. Examples of dioramas can be military and civilian vehicles.

Most model kits require tools, glue, and paint to assemble and finish.

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